Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Grand Opening...

Well I've gone ahead and done it....opened an Etsy shop
with my art work in it- whew! and here I thought I was having a
directionless year- silly girl!

This is my third attempt at a shop on Etsy and
I'm hoping this time is the charm- Please feel free to have a gander
at kdDonegan I would love to hear your feedback :)


  1. It's wonderful Kristen! Best of luck! You've got great photos of your wears & they are all quite intriguing!! :0)

  2. beautiful and quirky, a truly 'sunny spot' on etsy, wishing you lots of luck!!

  3. Well done, Kristen. I hope your sunshine spreads through Etsy like a whirlwind.
    xo Carole

  4. hooray!
    i made just a short visit
    but loved what i saw (those clouds!!!)
    i will come again when i update my shop this week

    Patrice A.

  5. Congratulations Kristen, every day is new, and every decision is therefore new, and so today, as you are opening your new shop to the world, I give a great hurrah and send blessings and good juju to your shop (your creative energy.) You are an original artist. Your work is lovely. That cake plate!! Oh my. Norma, x

  6. Hello Kristen, Congratulations to you new etsy shop and good luck with it! Looks very intruiging with your new art work. It's always a good thing to go ahead and a new year is perfect time to start.
    barbara bee

  7. third time winner, babe. i've had my worries, doubts etc on opening up shop. in fact my first etsy shop was a total fail, at least it felt like it. in fact i felt completely deflated. i still do not wholly understand to date.
    what i feel when i look at your shop is you, and i think, by this, you've nailed it. you shop will always be diverse, i mean, its contents, and it is attractive, but the most important factor is that it is you. so hold on, tigre (...), or sling it on your back, and enjoy the ride.
    oh, and ps - how could i not order? i've been in love with your clouds {ànd with your animal drawings...} since their first appearance, i'll be so happy to have them in house! x n♥