Friday, January 30, 2015

Well winter has come all at once this week
 with more snow than anyone knows what to do with

Poor Farrah has been "cooped up" until one of the kids drags her
out in the snow or she fluffs up and makes her way out to the front
porch...(which is where she is now) eating seed that the wild birds are 
dropping from the feeders...she's a tenacious old girl!

Meanwhile we have all been hunkered down inside keeping ourselves occupied
in one way or another- or bundled up outside clambering around in the snow...
Yesterday we had some sun but it's snowing again today and another storm is coming
in on I'm getting really chummy with our snow blower...think I need to 
hang out on some blogs in the middle of summer about now :) 


  1. wow, you really did get snow! that happened to us at the beginning of January. It had us all scampering and moving snow for days. Do enjoy it, winter will be over before we know it. so fun to see your impressive snow photos! Are you in Boston?

  2. Beautiful photos, Kristen! Love the dark, the contrast, the blue & white.... & then the pop of bright red with your sweet hen Farrah!

  3. Farrah is priceless and I love tough old broads (ahem.) I like the blue light with the snow and the succulents it looks like lined up on the windowsill and sharing what light they drink in. I love your art work and love your shop, and please believe in your self. I say this as these are words I (selfishly here) need to hear. I just did a 'typo' and typed in 'heart' for 'hear' in last sentence. Perhaps that is the message germane to us all. That is to love ourselves. I was going to say that I myself have been experiencing a big crisis of faith in my ability to create something beautiful or relevant and I have a fear of picking up the brush or pencil these days. Perhaps today is the day...N, x

  4. Ja, beautiful photos, dear Kristen! and did you see the faces in pic #1 and #2, too?
    Send love to Farrah, this very impressing hen. Is this a piggy behind her?
    Stay warm and I hope to find some blogposts here before summer ;-)
    xo Ariane.

  5. hang out, hang out, sista, and stay in!! n♥

  6. good to see you're all well and that Farrah is still alive and picking ;)

    1. Hey! I got your package over the weekend!! Thank you B your awesome- !! :)