Monday, March 9, 2015

I know it's been ages since I posted here- February was a deep month.
I had some surgery at the beginning of Feb. and along with the record amount
of snow fall we had (71 inches/1.8 meters) and freezing temperatures over the month
 I have felt like I've been in a cave the past few weeks.
But the sun is out today and its above freezing and my orchid has bloomed 
(it's been over a year since it last flowered- so I'm celebrating)

and even though the snow outside my window looks like a frozen tsunami
that's slowly making it's way into my basement- the sun seems stronger
and it's getting easier to move about in the world-

So I feel this coming spring I'm really getting a vivid experience of
what "emergence" is really all about :)


  1. I have so been thinking about you all up there this winter. What an amazing & strange experience it must have been.... in not necessarily such a good way. Hang in there .... spring has got to be on the way!

  2. so glad you are back dear Kristen.
    i wish you a snowfree world very soon, the colors of your pretty wool all around you outside and a blissful emergence, spring is on its way! x

  3. dear Kristen, I hope you're ok!?
    spring is near!
    love, B

  4. Beautiful orchid! Wishing you good health!

  5. Hi, Kristen
    So glad you are recovering. Spring is just around the corner. The time you go out from the cave is soon! Be fine.

  6. spring IS around the corner
    i can see it, feel it, smell it!
    today i worked in the garden
    and enjoyed it so, so much
    i never liked february
    and am so glad it's march ;^))

    sorry to hear about the surgery
    i do hope you are feeling better

    P.S. lovely orchid!

  7. hope you feel better. winter is for introspectism, i always say, regardless whether that word exists or not. x n♥