Monday, March 16, 2015

March has definitely come in like a very well fed lion here-
(finally finished my chubby lion hooked pillow) 

we got some snow yesterday
that apparently broke records for the most snowfall in a season- but I've decided to ignore
it- the sun is out today and I'm having faith that the earth is in fact rotating closer to the sun
in our hemisphere and the birds are helping me out with their singing now in the morning.

We are still relying on indoor activities to mix things up though...
like bowling...

and ceramics :)

Thank goodness for creativity and movement!


  1. isn't that just so? and snow. good lord. n♥

  2. Your lion pillow is perfect for this crazy hopefully there will be lambs in your future!

  3. Yuk more snow! Maybe more snuggling with your chubby lion and a warm blanket for another day or two. Then SPRING!
    Seeing the bowling shoes lined up makes me smile. I met my husband in a bowling alley in Vancouver 38 years ago. xo